George Subraj: Guyana Watch Medical Outreach Team Offers Multitude of Services

April 22, 2013

George Subraj is a business leader in the real-estate industry currently serving as president of Zara Realty Holding Corp. He is a dedicated supporter of Guyana Watch and a past participant of the group’s medical outreach team. 

Founded in 1992, Guyana Watch Inc. is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing humanitarian assistance to underprivileged communities in Guyana. Each year, Guyana Watch sends an experienced team of medical professionals to serve at local medical clinics. Teams generally consist of physicians, dentists, and pharmacists. Committed to helping as many individuals as possible, the medical teams sometimes attend to 45,000 patients at multiple sites.

In addition to providing medical care, Guyana Watch also offers educational and counseling services. Programs are entirely financed by charitable donations from the organization’s members and friends. Driven by a true spirit of charity, all volunteers who travel to Guyana pay their own expenses. To learn more about the humanitarian work of Guyana Watch, visit


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