George Subraj – Stimulating Economies in Developing Countries

September 9, 2013

George Subraj is an experienced New York real estate professional. Outside of his professional pursuits, George Subraj supports educational endeavors in developing countries, including a computer training center in Guyana and surgical assistance for African children.

Officials in many developing countries struggle with the question of improving economic opportunity for their governments and people. In most cases, nations that have achieved success in this area implemented new business initiatives, including manufacturing, agriculture, and technology services. In order to realize these goals, local and national governments worked in tandem with philanthropists and business leaders to provide job training for regional workforces.

An effective economic development plan that results in the creation of jobs often commences with an increased focus on education at all levels. Children in underserved and poor districts often lack ready access to quality education. Parents sometimes pull children from school at an early age to help with household needs or get a job. This family situation, with one generation after another garnering only minimal education, exacerbates the cycle of poverty and becomes the cultural norm throughout regions. Governments promote thriving business by allowing on-the-job training for adult workers while educating upcoming generations to take on larger roles, such as management and development.


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