George Subraj’s philanthropic efforts center on medicine in Guyana. In 1992, he joined Guyana Watch Inc., a medical outreach team. The nonprofit humanitarian organization brings medical assistance to 45,000 Guyana residents annually through health care clinics. George Subraj, in partnership with this nonprofit group, also sponsored 15 doctors and provided free medicine to more than 3,000 patients.

Guyana Watch Inc., with George Subraj’s assistance, helps send heart patients overseas to receive critical surgical procedures. In addition, the organization brought in ophthalmologists and hosted 58 cataract surgeries, as well as sponsored other eye surgeries. In 2008, George Subraj facilitated Guyana’s first kidney transplant and donated wheelchairs to Guyanese residents. He also funded more wheelchairs and medical supplies for Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. In 2009, George Subraj contributed toward the installation of an elevator for the elderly at Prem Bhakti Mandir, a Hindu house of worship in New York.

In the same year, George Subraj funded a computer training center for Saraswati Vidya Niketan, Cornelia Ida, a secondary school in Guyana. In 2010, George Subraj sponsored a team of doctors that performed the first pediatric heart surgeries in the country.

George Subraj now serves as President of Zara Realty Holding Corp., which sells luxury condominiums near Manhattan. He is scheduled to complete 7 other Kidney Transplants in 2011 and along with his team of doctors schedule frequent visits to the Balwant Singh Hospital in Guyana to conduct free clinics and training for physician and patients throughout the year.

Following the success of Kedney Transplant with Gopinauth and Kapildeo Rampersaud, George along with head surgeon Dr. Rahul Jindal and team is set to take flight for BS Hospital on May 24 2011 to perform two other Kidney Transplants and donate medical equipment such as an ambulance, and other medical supplies and testing machines.


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