President of Zara Realty Holding Corporation, George Subraj and his leadership team combine their industry experience to serve residents throughout western Queens, New York. Currently residing in Jamaica, New York, George Subraj appreciates the value of assisting families in their search for homes in a rapidly expanding area with a remarkable history.

Historically, Queens and the Jamaica Avenue area was a Native American trading route. In the Revolutionary War, the colony of Jamaica had Minutemen fighting to thwart England’s attempt to control the entire New York region.

With the funding of a public school system in 1813, Long Island’s Jamaica Village established boundaries that included the present Van Wyck Expressway on the west and Farmers Boulevard on the east. Queens joined New York City in 1898, with Jamaica serving as the county seat.

Home to entrepreneurs who hail from around the world, the borough of Queens represents one of the country’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Over the past three decades, Queens has welcomed an annual average of 5,000 immigrants. Known for its tolerance of other cultures, Queens has boasted such famed and diverse contemporary residents as Donald Trump and 50 Cent.


George Subraj is an experienced New York real estate professional. Outside of his professional pursuits, George Subraj supports educational endeavors in developing countries, including a computer training center in Guyana and surgical assistance for African children.

Officials in many developing countries struggle with the question of improving economic opportunity for their governments and people. In most cases, nations that have achieved success in this area implemented new business initiatives, including manufacturing, agriculture, and technology services. In order to realize these goals, local and national governments worked in tandem with philanthropists and business leaders to provide job training for regional workforces.

An effective economic development plan that results in the creation of jobs often commences with an increased focus on education at all levels. Children in underserved and poor districts often lack ready access to quality education. Parents sometimes pull children from school at an early age to help with household needs or get a job. This family situation, with one generation after another garnering only minimal education, exacerbates the cycle of poverty and becomes the cultural norm throughout regions. Governments promote thriving business by allowing on-the-job training for adult workers while educating upcoming generations to take on larger roles, such as management and development.

George Subraj, president of Zara Realty, has placed numerous clients in New York City apartments. By determining an individual’s or a family’s needs, George Subraj determines the most appealing amenities and helps the client find a residence that fits.

By definition, a luxury apartment indicates a residence that makes life more comfortable for its inhabitants. This typically means that the property includes more or better amenities. However, some modern developers use the designation as an incentive rather than an accurate description. So-called “luxury” apartments may simply be those that are more expensive than their counterparts. For this reason, it is important for apartment shoppers to look for certain features.

A true luxury apartment has a spacious, modern kitchen with up-to-date appliances. Most have granite countertops or similarly high-quality surfaces as well as sleek stainless steel appliances. Luxury apartments also include appliances such as dishwashers and washer/dryer sets, which are often considered “extra” in other residences.

In fact, luxury apartments typically offer nicer features throughout the unit, such as hardwood floors and up-to-date lighting features. In the bathroom, residents should expect a stylish design and high-quality systems. Luxury apartments also offer extra benefits beyond the individual unit, such as an on-site pool, gym, or entertainment center. In city buildings, expect a higher level of security as well, including a doorman.

A graduate of Hofstra University, George Subraj serves as president of New York City’s Zara Realty Holding Group, Inc. As president of Zara Realty, George Subraj owns and manages a variety of comfortable and affordable residential properties in the Queens borough of New York City.

Jamaica, Queens is named after the Jameco, or “beaver,” tribe of Indians who lived in the area near Nassau Lake prior to European settlement. One of the United States’ first established towns, Jamaica was initially settled by the Dutch. Though it was not incorporated until 1814, Jamaica was the colonial capital of Queens County and was home to the country’s first Presbyterian church.

Transportation has played an important role in the history and development of Jamaica, due to its unique location. Roads and railroads were constructed throughout the area, connecting Queens to Manhattan and the other boroughs. Jamaica Bay was an important source of boat traffic and commerce. These developments contributed to Jamaica’s identity as a center for government, entertainment, and business. Today, 13 bus lines, 4 major subway lines, and 5 highways converge in Jamaica.

Queens is among the most ethnically diverse areas in the United States, and the Jamaica neighborhood is a testament to this fact. Once predominantly an African American neighborhood, Jamaica is now home to people of all ethnic backgrounds, including many immigrants.

Guyana Watch, a nonprofit that has been sponsoring medical clinics in Guyana since 1992, has seen a full range of untreated medical problems among the Guyanese population. These include everything from common issues, like diabetes and hypertension, to serious kidney and heart problems.

Historically, Guyana has not had the expertise to handle the more serious medical issues and has had to try to send individuals abroad for treatment on a case-by-case basis. This began to change in 2008, when Guyana Watch Vice President George Subraj decided to try sending doctors to Guyana instead, inspired by a desperate young Guyanese man with renal failure. Subraj brought a team from Walter Reed Medical Center to Guyana to perform the country’s first kidney transplant.

In 2010, George Subraj expanded his vision when he and Dr. Gary Stephens, of the Caribbean Heart Institute, brought a team of doctors from New York and oversaw Guyana’s first pediatric heart surgeries.


George Subraj is president of Zara Luxury Apartments & Homes,
which owns and provides property management for numerous rental units in
Jamaica, New York

First settled under Dutch rule in 1656,
Jamaica, New York, derives its name from the language of the Lenape
Indians, who populated the area. The word Yameco in Lenape means beaver,
of which a large population lived in the aptly named Beaver Pond, now
called Baisley Pond. Because beaver pelts were a primary form of
currency at the time, a village quickly grew around the pond, located
less than a mile north of what is today John F. Kennedy International

As time went on, the area became extremely attractive
to settlers and merchants because of Jamaica Bay. A shallow tidal
estuary that today cannot support the large modern vessels that dock in
New York Harbor, nevertheless accommodated the shipping of the time.

Today, Jamaica is a thriving community in the heart of the New York City
borough Queens. Coincidentally, it is home to many thousands of
immigrants from the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica, although there
is no relation between the two names. The community today is home to a
truly international mix of ethnicities, including immigrants from the
West Indies, India, the Middle East, the Dominican Republic, Russia, and
the Philippines. In addition, there are sizeable African-American and
Puerto Rican enclaves in Jamaica.

George Subraj, a graduate of Hofstra University, is president of Zara Realty Holding Corporation. Serving Jamaica, New York, and its surrounding community, George Subraj works to ensure that Zara residents enjoy quality and comfort.

Zara Realty offers apartment homes for rent with a variety of one-, two-, and three-bedroom floor plans. Among many other amenities, they boast walk-in closets, private balconies, new appliances, and vaulted ceilings. Residents enjoy new laundry centers, garage parking, on-site security, and maintenance service that is reliable and prompt, available for emergencies around the clock.

With apartments located east of Manhattan and near the Grand Central Parkway, Van Wyck Expressway, and Long Island Expressway, Zara apartments provide convenient access to public transportation, schools, and shopping.

Run by a team of professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of service to its residents, Zara Realty is committed to maintaining clean, safe, comfortable, and affordable apartment homes.

George Subraj is a business leader in the real-estate industry currently serving as president of Zara Realty Holding Corp. He is a dedicated supporter of Guyana Watch and a past participant of the group’s medical outreach team. 

Founded in 1992, Guyana Watch Inc. is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing humanitarian assistance to underprivileged communities in Guyana. Each year, Guyana Watch sends an experienced team of medical professionals to serve at local medical clinics. Teams generally consist of physicians, dentists, and pharmacists. Committed to helping as many individuals as possible, the medical teams sometimes attend to 45,000 patients at multiple sites.

In addition to providing medical care, Guyana Watch also offers educational and counseling services. Programs are entirely financed by charitable donations from the organization’s members and friends. Driven by a true spirit of charity, all volunteers who travel to Guyana pay their own expenses. To learn more about the humanitarian work of Guyana Watch, visit

A philanthropist and real-estate professional, George Subraj serves as president of the Zara Realty Holding Corporation, a firm that owns and maintains rental properties in both New York and Florida. The company is a housing leader in Queens and Long Island.

Recently, George Subraj sponsored a kidney transplant at Dr. Balwant Singh Hospital in Georgetown, Guyana. He also donated a fully equipped ambulance to the medical establishment. The patient who received the kidney transplant was in the final stages of renal failure. Following the surgery, the patient, a father, was awe-struck at knowing he would shortly start leading a life unimpeded by such a time-consuming and life-threatening challenge.

Doctors Rahul Jindal and Arthur Womble guided a medical team that included Steven Guy, Aldren Doyle, and others through the complicated transplantation procedure. In addition to the above-mentioned operation, Mr. Subraj has sponsored five others for patients ranging in age from 18 to 55.

Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN), based in Georgetown, Guyana, is a secondary school featuring a curriculum of CXC (Caribbean Examinations Council) subjects and Hindu studies. Over the last decade, SVN has expanded from its initial enrollment of thirty-five students, to 312 students for the 2011-2012 academic year. The school features a computer laboratory outfitted with printing and photocopying equipment, and is currently working to build a science laboratory.

As a non-profit and non-governmental school, SVN’s mission is to educate its students and foster their social responsibility. The school’s curriculum incorporates Hindu studies in an effort to expand students’ cultural awareness, since the typical Caribbean curriculum in the region emphasizes Western and Judeo-Christian values.

For more information about the school, its admission process, and its curriculum, visit

About the Author: A philanthropist and entrepreneur, George Subraj is the President of Zara Realty and the donor of SVN’s Zara Computer Laboratory. Additionally, Mr. Subraj often visits SVN with distinguished medical professionals to conduct healthcare training and outreach.