Guyana Watch, a nonprofit that has been sponsoring medical clinics in Guyana since 1992, has seen a full range of untreated medical problems among the Guyanese population. These include everything from common issues, like diabetes and hypertension, to serious kidney and heart problems.

Historically, Guyana has not had the expertise to handle the more serious medical issues and has had to try to send individuals abroad for treatment on a case-by-case basis. This began to change in 2008, when Guyana Watch Vice President George Subraj decided to try sending doctors to Guyana instead, inspired by a desperate young Guyanese man with renal failure. Subraj brought a team from Walter Reed Medical Center to Guyana to perform the country’s first kidney transplant.

In 2010, George Subraj expanded his vision when he and Dr. Gary Stephens, of the Caribbean Heart Institute, brought a team of doctors from New York and oversaw Guyana’s first pediatric heart surgeries.