A philanthropist and real-estate professional, George Subraj serves as president of the Zara Realty Holding Corporation, a firm that owns and maintains rental properties in both New York and Florida. The company is a housing leader in Queens and Long Island.

Recently, George Subraj sponsored a kidney transplant at Dr. Balwant Singh Hospital in Georgetown, Guyana. He also donated a fully equipped ambulance to the medical establishment. The patient who received the kidney transplant was in the final stages of renal failure. Following the surgery, the patient, a father, was awe-struck at knowing he would shortly start leading a life unimpeded by such a time-consuming and life-threatening challenge.

Doctors Rahul Jindal and Arthur Womble guided a medical team that included Steven Guy, Aldren Doyle, and others through the complicated transplantation procedure. In addition to the above-mentioned operation, Mr. Subraj has sponsored five others for patients ranging in age from 18 to 55.