President of Zara Realty Holding Corporation, George Subraj and his leadership team combine their industry experience to serve residents throughout western Queens, New York. Currently residing in Jamaica, New York, George Subraj appreciates the value of assisting families in their search for homes in a rapidly expanding area with a remarkable history.

Historically, Queens and the Jamaica Avenue area was a Native American trading route. In the Revolutionary War, the colony of Jamaica had Minutemen fighting to thwart England’s attempt to control the entire New York region.

With the funding of a public school system in 1813, Long Island’s Jamaica Village established boundaries that included the present Van Wyck Expressway on the west and Farmers Boulevard on the east. Queens joined New York City in 1898, with Jamaica serving as the county seat.

Home to entrepreneurs who hail from around the world, the borough of Queens represents one of the country’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Over the past three decades, Queens has welcomed an annual average of 5,000 immigrants. Known for its tolerance of other cultures, Queens has boasted such famed and diverse contemporary residents as Donald Trump and 50 Cent.


The easternmost of the five boroughs of New York City, Queens sits on the western end of Long Island. First settled by the Dutch in 1635, and established as part of New York City in 1898, it’s connected to Manhattan by bridge, tunnel and subway. The borough has the distinction of being the most diverse county in the nation, with nearly half of its two million residents foreign-born. Covering 109 square miles, Queens has many residential communities, as well as industrial and commercial centers.

Among the most popular of the borough’s features is the beach area known as the Rockaways. New York City’s major airports—La Guardia and John F. Kennedy International—are both located in Queens. One of the best known annual sporting events, the U.S. Open Tennis tournament, takes place at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, Queens.

George Subraj is the president of Zara Luxury Apartments and Homes, in Jamaica, Queens, New York.